Social Business ROI: Mighty Metrics Pt.1 Facebook (organic)

If you are becoming a social business to pick-up last month’s sales deficit-DON’T! You will be very disappointed. If instead you want to grow your fan base, crowdsource, create and find brand ambassadors, pat yourself on the back. For you are one of the few businesses, marketers, or personal brands that understand social media marketing. Metrics are measurable, definitive, and preset activities that are used to track the effects of online marketing campaigns. Depending on the ecosystem, you are using to communicate your message will determine the metrics.


  • Fan growth– When a Facebook user “likes” your Fan Page they become your fan. This increases the exposure of your message not only to that fan, but to their friends as well. Fan growth creates a portal that allows your brand to enter the “friend zone” (a good thing in social media marketing!). With each new fan the virility of your brand’s presence exponentiates. Enhance the experience: Create a post with a picture, ask each new fan of that week (chose your own timeframe) to tag themselves in the picture. This will increase engagement as well as “people talking about this”.
  • Like– As you post content to your Fan Page your fan community is given several options as to how they can relay to you that they were exposed to your message. As a community manager you live for any sign of life from your community. Enhance the experience: Thank them for liking the post. Pick a fan of the week from the fans that frequently liked content posted on your Fan Page wall.
  • Comment– Is another way to measure your community’s engagement. When a fan comments it opens up the communication channel inviting you to respond which can deepen the relationship between brand and fan. Enhance the experience: Add value to the conversation by asking open ended questions allowing the fan and other fans to expand the discussion.
  • Share– The golden ticket! If a fan shares content from your page they are taking the role of a brand ambassador. This seemingly small act should not be taking lightly since they are essentially broadcasting your message to a new audience that you may have not tapped into without their help. Enhance the experience: Thank them (in the original post) for sharing your content. Then offer them free swag, discount on service/ product or an extra entry into a current promotion through your website. This is a great opportunity for you to receive additional contact information from your fan.
  • Tag– Once a fan has liked your page they are able to create hyperlinked tags that link directly to your fan page. Their friends are able to click the link giving them the opportunity to like your page and create posts using your brand’s name. When a page is tagged in a post by a fan others are able to see the story through the “Friend Activity” tab. Enhance the experience: When a fan tags your business in a post like their post. At the end of the week (whatever timeframe you decide) showcase your favorite story that included your business’ name (without names, respecting your fans anonymity and privacy strengthens trust) in a post.
  • Recommendations– Referrals! Allows fans to tell others how they feel about your business. Encourage fans to write recommendations on the product or service that you provide. Prospects are more apt to go on what others say about your company than what your advertisements say. Enhance the experience: Create an ongoing promotion offering VIP products, service or discounts to fans whose recommendation creates new business.
  • Check-ins– Fans are able to use geo-location based apps on smartphones and other wireless devices that tell their friends their real-time location. Once a fan has “unlocked” your location others are able to search for you business when they are near or at your location. Check-ins offer social proof with the opportunity of recommendations encouraging others to visit your brand offline. Enhance the experience: Offer free swag, discount on service/ product. Create you own real-time measurement program based on check-in frequency.

Social media marketing is a long-term investment. Your fan may participate in the community immediately or never. Your role as a socially active brand is to provide opportunities that ignite interaction. Relevant content can spark your community’s interest; it is up to you to fuel the fire.  Analyze the metrics provided per ecosystem then pre-plan ways to enhance the experience by extending invitations for additional interaction between your brand and fans.


4 responses to “Social Business ROI: Mighty Metrics Pt.1 Facebook (organic)

  1. Great advice Viola! It’s all about interacting, sharing, and connecting. It’s a shame so many people create (or have their fan pages created) then do nothing! Keep up the good work!

    • I agree, there are many graveyards out there. To market in this landscape you must be ready to make a commitment and stick with it. I’m not sure which is more of a turn off a business that has not embraced social media marketing or one that has and given up. Thank you for your encouragement.

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