The Company:SCROOGED

There once was a company that lacked social media marketing cheer. Instead of spreading engaging content, they acted like trolls that mocked and jeered. Rejected friend requests, denied followers their tweets they even un-circled Santa; behaving like a bunch of creeps.

On the eve before Christmas Alexa appeared told the mean old company “You’ve been naughty this year”. The company sneered, a most sinister sneer, laughed at Alexa yelling “Get out of here”. Alexa turned to walk away, but before walking out the door told the company “You will be visited by 3 more. The ghost of social media marketing past, present and future; I have done my part to warn  you about being this year’s Mashable Award loser.”

The company scuffed and dismissed Alexa’s warning, rolled over dreading the thought of waking up Christmas morning.

At the stroke of 12, right on the dot, the company heard a ruckus that just wouldn’t stop. Scared out of their wits, they closed their eyes tighter, to their surprise the room got lighter. The bed began to shake, the covers fell to the floor, and the company screamed “HELP ME!” and ran towards the door.

From out of the bright light, that kept drawing nearer, was an Email campaign that never left the sender. The company gasped at the campaign’s disfigured sight; it was tattered, bulky and was in mid-flight.

Just before the company could make their exit, the campaign stopped them with their 500Kb per email limit. The company shivered while pleading for mercy, promising that they would send it out in a hurry. The campaign laughed, because it was now too late, due to the company’s neglect the Email suffered a fatal fate.

The campaign was gone without a warning. The company woke up with a gasp, in a cold sweat of slumbering. Relieved by the realization it had all been a dream, the company reached for the glass of water, then let out a SCREAM. For beside the bed, drinking its water was SEO seeming bitter and somber.

“Who are you?” the company stammered “Why, I’m the reason you get traffic to your blogs, websites and social networks”, SEO answered. “I’m here because you need backlinks from a strong influencer. In other words you are a BIG, FAT LOSER”. “What should I do to receive your graces?” SEO replied “friend/circle/follow Mari Smith maybe she’ll backlink you on her pages. I’m not the last to visit tonight, I must tell you this. If you don’t change your ways your social media presence will get missed.”   

Out the window SEO flew. The company sat up in bed waiting for-who knew? As quiet as a mouse and as quick as a cheetah, came the company’s next Christmas morn visitor. With the task of helping the company see their future much clearer; the SMM appeared with portfolio and resume in its right hand. In the left it was holding a contract titled “Social Media Promiseland”. On the bottom of the contract was a signature line with an “X” by its side. “If you want to survive I must recommend you to sign” the SMM stated with a halo bright smile. Reluctantly, the company inscribed its signature on the dotted line. The SMM handed the company a business card with “Socialyt” printed on the side.

At once, the company woke up, jumping out of bed. Rather than saying “bah hum bug” they fled to their laptop instead. The company signed into their Facebook page and created a post, “To all a Merry Christmas we appreciate your loyalty to our brand the most”.


© Viola J. Myers 2011


6 responses to “The Company:SCROOGED

  1. Excellent website. A lot of useful info here. I am sending it to several friends ans also sharing in delicious. And obviously, thanks for your sweat!

    • Thank you! I appreciate your help in spreading my writings to others. It is a pleasure to create content that is valuable to others. Again, thank you!

  2. Good day. Mainly wanted to give a swift mention and tell you that in fact I’ve really loved leafing through your website and will be recommending it to my buddies. Keep up the good work! Thanks again.

    • Great! I’m encouraged that you find this information worthy of spreading. I hope to add more soon, after the bustle of the New Year has subsided. Thank you for your comments.

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