Creating Community

Engaging fan communities take more than setting up a page. The time to foster a productive community is what takes its toll on most companies that chose to add social media into their marketing mix. Cultivating creative content is an art form and becomes easier with practice.

Here are some tips to help you build an engaged audience in your community

Relevant Information: Research the type of information that your community is seeking. Provide relevant, interesting, and credible content that validates your product or service.

Strike-up a Conversation: Instead of pushing your product with every post strike-up a conversation that is not tied to any marketing gimmicks. Each post should create dialogue by asking an open-ended question. Allowing your community to partake in the interaction; just like in the real-world your online community wants to be spoken to, not at.

Answer Posts: It is a rule of thumb that any post should be responded to within 24 hours from when it was posted by a community member. Ignoring a post created by an audience member in your community questions your sincerity and may prove to be detrimental to your online environment.

Keep it Simple: When requesting that your fans respond keep their actions quick, simple and rewarding. This can be in the form of clicking on a link, viewing a video or answering a question. Whatever you choose value your fans time by making the call to action it simple and quick.

Be a “Cool Cat”: Keep your page interesting, diverse, and different. Like you, people want to be associated with what is cool. Give them what they are looking for by providing fresh, fun and funky content.

Quality vs Quantity:  Nothing is more bothersome than seeing content from the same page in your News Feeds repeatedly. When posting content to your community page be cognizant of its quality. Endow information that will be memorable and highly sought after. You want your fans to share your content not to hide your feeds or unlike your page.


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