Networking: The Art of Connecting

Break the Ice: Creating a conversation with the contact should be a first priority. Since every contact has exponential potential. Rehearse the conversation prior to soliciting a first encounter. Introduction should be memorable, brief and relevant.

Create a Positive First Impression: First impression have the longest residual effect.  In fact the first impressions are often the only encounters that people vividly recall about one another. Branding a positive perception of yourself will gain you a second chance to solidify your contacts’ thoughts about you.

Practice: Use your connections often. Keeping in close touch with your connection will assist you in gaining a more in-depth relationship with your contact. The key to fostering a healthy networking relationship is allotting the time and energy needed to encourage its growth.

Share Your Connections: The more people you know the more your connections will grow. Envision you have 500 contacts and each of those contacts shares 1 different contact and those do like wise and so on and so forth (500+500+500….WOW).

Organize Contacts: Create an organization system that allows you to efficiently store contacts’ information. This will make accessing the file with ease at a latter date. Information associated with this file should include online contact (social presence locations,i.e., occupation, specialties and 5 unique characteristics. This will help you to engage in a meaningful interaction when the time arises.


4 responses to “Networking: The Art of Connecting

    • It is easy to go on a adding spree when you are trying to self-promote. Taking the time to “weed-out” the frivolous connections well help keep you organized and goal oriented. Thank you for reading and commenting! 🙂

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