Socialize OR Die

Reminiscing upon the days of brick and mortar marketing, when you created a catchy motto, memorable logo and sure enough if you built they came. However, in this 2.0 streaming world you need to do more than diversify in order to survive. Nowadays it is all about connections, friends, followers and subscribers. The days of force feeding your message to the masses are fleeting since they need to “LIKE” you before you can talk to them, harsh?  I’d say not, it is in some ways easier for the marketer. Instead of going door-to-door or cold-calling; it is imperative that you are interactive.

Going Live:  As a Social Media Marketer you need to be where your customers are so that they can find you. Facebook and other platforms make it impossible for you to “find” your customer. Once you do, your main focus should be to hold their attention.

Proactive: Companies now must compete for face-time with their customers. The tides have changed the customer wants to be entertained, thought-provoked and involved. One-way conversations of the yesteryears’ will lead your company on a downward spiral, with your profits following your lead.

Loyalty: How do you gain loyalty with a customer that may never “see” you? Through consistency, if I’m subscribing to my local news channel for up-to-date information and they are not posting current and relevant news. I’m more than likely going to subscribe to a different network that is reliable.

Stay Buzzing: Since social media is all about word-of-mouth, you need to stay on the lips and minds of your customer. Create a hype that reverberates like a sonic wave throughout your target group.  Brand your company on their brain, when they think of a product in your niche, they think of you.


6 responses to “Socialize OR Die

    • That is GREAT! My advice to having anything found on the internet is to have it available in multiple places and never give up. It is amazing how it will spread like wildfire. Good Luck!

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